Poll: How much protein do you eat at each meal ?

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How much protein do you eat @ each meal ?

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  1. How much protein do you eat @ each meal ?

    I've heard the claim that you are not supposed to eat more than 30g of protein per meal. This number varies but is around that, but is within the ballpark. I've heard the theories about keeping the dosing small for maximum absorption, etc, etc.............

    How much protein do you eat at each meal ?

    I eat upwards of 50-70g at times for each meal.

  2. I think the 30 number is based on egg protein plasma levels. if you eat anything over 25g of eggs in one seating, protein plasma levels don't go any higher, and its all gone in a little over an hour. but thats just eggs, and taken solo. using beef instead, and with fiber, carbs + fat, the digestion takes longer so its released into blood slower too

  3. I think my protien consumption varies sometimes. Sometimes Ill go as high as 60 grams and sometimes as low as 30. I try to aim for 40g per meal however. 5 meal x 40g = 200 grams. Thats the average. Ill go higher most of the time.

  4. I really don't ever eat anything lower than 50g. The reason for this is b/c I don't always have access to eat protein all the time, so I just eat larger portions to compensate potentially longer time intervals between meals.

    I usually eat about every 4-4.5 hrs @ 50g+ of protein, instead of ever 2-3 hrs.

    The egg thing is interesting Easy. When I was using Egg protein awhile ago I'd have 60g shakes of egg protein.

  5. To all of my followers: 40g..

  6. thats the downside of eggs solo, and the plus side of blends. you can get a variety of proteins in a blend so some are faster than others. The problem with the study of course is that it was eggs solo (I believe sunny side up or hard boiled, cant recall) with no other food. a shake should be pretty close to that tho, if you have nothing else with it. I should try and find that study, but i'm lazy

  7. This is also too why I use digestive enzymes at every meal is b/c of my high protein meals.

    Being lactose intolerant sucks c0ck.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck. View Post
    To all of my followers: 40g..
    amen brother.

  9. if i had more than ~30 grams of egg protein i would be leaving a pretty rank cloud behind me.
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  10. The way I figured it out for me, is to find the total number of calories per day I should be getting then figuring out what kind of macro split I want to be on...say 40/40/20. Then divide by the MINIMUM number of meals I will get per day...say 6 (maybe up to 8). Then whatever that number is, I aim for a MINIMUM (just in case I end up having fewer than six meals per day) of that amount of protein per meal.

    For me that's around 45 or so.

  11. 50g protein every 2-3 hours. My macros are 65% fat/30%pro/5%carbs during the week. I usually eat very little protein on the weekends, maybe like 10-15% of my daily cal intake.

  12. I try to get 40g per meal. You figure a steak or a decent size chicken breast is 40g at least. How much protein in a krystal?

  13. Right around 40 mg
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by pembroke3355 View Post
    Right around 40 mg
    HAHAhahaha you must be tiny!

  15. 40g fts, as far as I've been informed thats the most an average 200ib BBer can digest at a time without anabolic steroids or some sort of other effective up regulator of protein synthesis.

  16. Well I was watching that movie markus ruhl made 'Big and loving it' or something like that.. He says he tries to eat 50grams at every meal.. I think like 7 or 8 meals a day. SOmetimes he takes 100 if he skips a meal..

  17. Quote Originally Posted by pembroke3355 View Post
    Right around 40 mg
    Damn, can you handle all that in one sitting??

  18. Quote Originally Posted by pembroke3355 View Post
    Right around 40 mg
    milligrams ? Is that a typo ?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    milligrams ? Is that a typo ?
    I hope so.

    BTW, why is the title of this thread green on my UserCP? There's only one other thread like that and I figured Bobo did it for that one.

  20. All the polls are green. (homo)

  21. Is that new or has it always been that way for non-gold members?

  22. I think its new

  23. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post

    Being lactose intolerant sucks c0ck.
    I hear ya. I'm not totaly but anything over 1% and I bind up and its a terrible stomach ache for hours and even days. Even if its 1% or under I really have to watch how much I take it.

    I have a huge range no less than 25gr, but no more than 60gr. Even with a digestive enzyme anything over 60 is hard on the old gut.....and enviorment
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  24. ideally, if I could eat whenever, whereever, I'd probably do 30g-35g every meal.

  25. 60g for breakfast, 30g for snack, 30g lunch, 25g snack, 30g pre WO, 50g post WO, 40g dinner, 20g before bed.


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