Tumeric helps me with my whey

  1. Tumeric helps me with my whey

    When I take 2 scoops or more of whey a day, I get the liquid sh*ts. I think I am lactose intolerant.

    If I take Tumeric, the poop stays fairly solid.

    Conversely, if I take Tumeric without the whey, my poop gets kinda hard, and I feel constipated.

    Just felt the need to share this with everyone.

  2. if you dont post pics i call bs

  3. isnt tumeric good for something else like maybe liver health

  4. yup , it's supposed to be a good anti-oxidant etc.

    And sorry, no pics of my poop.

  5. I take Animal Flex which has turmeric, hopefully its a significant amount

  6. Did you try whey isolate? There's almost no lactose in that.

  7. there y'all go, talking crap again.

  8. eatingisfun, on the lactose comment, tolerance varies. I just found out I'm lactose intolerant and I use ON 100% whey gold standard isolate...err...let me put it this way...after a shake I can be considered a weapon of mass destruction! don't know if Tumeric would help with that, lol

  9. its a good lung cleanse and infection fighter.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by 12STEP View Post
    isnt tumeric good for something else like maybe liver health
    yes - mustard!

  11. isolate is more expensive than whey.

    For you poop freaks, google "german **** eaters" for a good time.

    I am NOT a poop freak, BTW.


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