Confused with arachidonic acid dosing

  1. Confused with arachidonic acid dosing

    OK so I'm planning to run arachidonic acid for 60 days, at 1gram a day. Should I split the dosages? Should I do a loading phase and for how many days?

    Here is what is really confusing me, I was looking at X-factor and bulk arachidonic acid.

    If I understand correctly XF has a 100 caps with 250mg of arachidonic acid = 25g of arachidonic acid

    And Bulk arachidonic acid is 500grs at 10% = 50 grs of arachidonic acid

    Is this correct? or is the 250mg in XF of what they call Archidonix Oil, in which case how much Archidonix Oil is in XF?

    Thanks all

  2. Your original calculations are the correct ones.

  3. You are correct, IMO its worth it to just buy XF as the bulk AA is only 10% and tastes and smells nasty.

    Its worth it to pay just a tad extra for it already being a capped product.

    You'll really enjoy your xf cycle its good stuff

  4. you save 20$ with the bulk AA

    500g @ 10% = 2 bottles XF @ 40%
    70$ 90$

    i wonder how much the other oils in MN's XF help.

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