ALRI EVO Mass Stack question

  1. ALRI EVO Mass Stack question

    Starting my 2nd week on the 10 weeks stack. So far the results have been very impressive regarding weight gain (3 solid pounds), pumps, all-day muscle fullness, drive, and strength. I am running this with only protein and multis to get a true reading on how well these compounds work for me. Now I am rethinking that. Since the gains are going so good, wouldn't it be even better with some kind of creatine/BA/CM product? I was going to go with something like that after I was done with the cycle but now leaning to just starting it now. Any thoughts on this?

  2. Through it in there if you can afford it. It will only help.

  3. It certainly won't hurt to add more, but the EVO stack seems to be potent on it own, so hold off on the extra supps til after, it'll save you money and help keep/build on the gains you make.

  4. Creatine is always good. I'm running JW solo right now, and I'm taking Storm by universal with it and some extra L-Leucine, for even better pumps and recovery.
    Good luck with your cycle bro!

  5. Tough decision....I pretty much decided that I will run it solo and maybe start on some Storm towards the 2nd half of the cycle. Thanks for the input. Can't wait to see how this stack plays out and will have results posted up here.



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