Glutamine schitz ?

  1. Glutamine schitz ?

    Does anyone else here get GI distress or diarrhea from taking glutamine ?

  2. I've never experienced such a thing, but again everybody's body is different.

    The only problem I've ever had with it was trying to down it.

  3. Cool. I must be the only one. This makes me very unique.

  4. Do you know for sure that it's the glutamine that's causing you to sh!t?

  5. how many gr are you taking thats causing this? i have a friend that he tried taking big doses 10+gr and he gets the ****s everytime he does thatm, but at 5gr hes ok

  6. Yeah if I take it in relatively smaller amount it is manageable, I usually start crapping when it is around 4-5g. I know for a fact it happens specifically with L-Glutamine which sucks.

    I like Xtend by Scivation, it is a great product, however I wish that they would get rid of the l-glutamine, or at least make it a glutamine peptide instead.

  7. My glutamine provides 4,500mg per serving. I love it.

  8. Made me bloated as hell when i took it in a glass of juice but when i dump a teasoon full in my mouth with a chaser of juice it doesn't cause me any grief at all.

  9. Reaper, Try analy. Just kidding. Do you take it solo or do you mix it with anything, Like post workout shake. that might take the edge off of it.

  10. Tried both solo and mixed. I must have a poor absorption for it or something.

  11. does it still do it when you cap it?

  12. nah, i don't have any caps. I've used other products that peptide the glutamine and it does not cause any GI distress. Sucks too cuz I really like Xtend watermelon, but the glutamine in it does a number on me.

  13. Well, Just use it when you're on a cut. You'll drop weight in no time.

  14. Reaper, I've had the same problem. And it only creeps up when I take too much. If you can, just try to limit the size of the doses. Maybe that will help.

    Bama, you're a funny motherf*cker.


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