1. Calcium..........

    Who's using Calcium specific supplements here, (in addition to a Multi)?
    What form of Calcium do you prefer?

  2. Nows Coral Calcium Plus.

  3. Don't leave me hangin here

  4. I personally use Costco's twice daily. It was on sale with a coupon It is like 500mg of Elemental Calcium I think, or thereabouts. It is the one without vitamin D, so my morning dose I have my multi and at night I take it with vit D to help with absorption.

    Also a read about how extra Vitamin D is helpful and safe Nutrition Journal | Full text | Randomized comparison of the effects of the vitamin D3adequate intake versus 100 mcg (4000 IU) per day on biochemical responses and the wellbeing of patients

    In the end just look at how much elemental calcium it gives you, because that factors in the absorbancy differences. Lots of info at The Wolfe Clinic - a comparison of calcium supplements

  5. NSI Calcium Citrate Malate with Mag/Vit.D

  6. I take 2 calcium pills per day but I forget what the form of it is.

    Got it, 650mg elemental calcium per pill from citrate, malate, carbonate, gluconate.
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  7. Calcium Lactate

  8. I have been using one that has

    calcium citrate (1000mg)
    mag (500mg)
    vit D (400IU)


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