Some questions regarding cycle supplementation...

  1. Some questions regarding cycle supplementation...

    This is what my upcoming cycle will look like (Yes, as several of you have asked, this will be logged);

    Actual Cycle
    Epistane (Dosage: 20/30/40/40)
    Anabolic Pump

    Support Supp's
    Bulk BCAA's
    Venom Lean Dreams
    Kwik Karb
    MVP 365 + ZMK
    Cycle Support

    ProteinFactory Custom Nighttime Formula:
    - 45% Membrane Micellar Casein
    - 40% Aussie Caseinate
    - 05% CFM Whey Isolate
    - 10% Tonalin CLA Powder (To promote fat burning, to work alongside Venom Lean Dreams during sleep.)

    ProteinFactory Custom PWO Formula:
    - 30% Whey Protein Concentrate
    - 20% CFM Whey Isolate
    - 20% Iso-Chill Whey Isolate
    - 20% Ion Exchange Whey Isolate
    - 10% Ajinomoto L-Glutamine

    Now, for the questions;

    Does Epistane usually result in any hair-loss? I was going to purchase some liquid Finasteride, but I'm not spending $50 if it's not really necessary. I will, however, be purchasing liquid Toremifine towards the end of the cycle, for PCT.

    Should 2 LBs of each of my custom protein formulas (listed above) be enough for a one-month supply? I will only be consuming the PWO one after exercise and the Nighttime one before bed. I work out 5 days out of the week.

    Thanks, guys.

  2. In case any of you are wondering, this is my line-up for post cycle therapy;

    AX Triple Stack
    Dermacrine Sustain
    Post Cycle Support
    Super Cissus RX

    I'll probably toss in either Bronkaid (25mg Ephedrine Sulfate) or Primatene (12.5mg Ephedrine HCl) [Would anyone happen to know which would be more benificial, the Sulfate or the HCl?], for extra fat burning during PCT.

    I may be throwing in Stimuloid, Ejaculoid, and/or Aspire36, if I end up needing it. Which I don't think I should.

  3. I'll try to help answer your questions the best I can...
    Epi and hairloss: from what i have gathered no...however, this is one of those genetic things...are you predisposed to MPB(Male Pattern Baldness)? If not I wouldn't worry. If you are that worried having the Finasteride on hand wouldn't hurt, but like you said $50...thats your call.

    I would say have your Torem on hand before you start your never know with the mail...

    Are you only taking your protein powders on the 5 days you workout? 5lbs. lasts me way over a month and I make multiple protein shakes a day. I assume 4lbs. would last a month regardless.

    I have been using Primatene, from what I have been reading on ephedra the HCl is the better, but should be dosed @25mgs or 2 pills 2-3x/day.

    I definitely don't think you need stimuloid, ejaculoid, and aspire. aspire is more of an emergency/fun thing. ejaculoid would be great to have on hand for unseen libido problems in pct, however, i hear torem doesnt kill libido like nolva.

    I used ejaculoid just for fun, and it sure
    id say drop the stimuloid and aspire(not cost efficient in my eyes). ejaculoid was $20 at my local vitamin shoppe. i would only use it 1 week at a time and take a break for a few days. its pretty strong stuff!

    Hope that helped buddy.


  4. thats a lot of stuff you got going into your cycle dude, might not need all of that. about the ephedrine, mg for mg the HCL is stronger then sulfate.

  5. Yeah, I donít think you would need the finesteride. The Dermacrine has pregnenolone which will convert to a small amount of progesterone and help limit 5a-reductase activity. (keeping DHT in normal range)

    Otherwise the stack looks solid.


  6. Yeah bro thats a dang lot of supps into a 4 week cycle, you prob really could cut some out.

    But i wanted to comment on the sexual supps. The only one i like out of the three you mentioned was the Ejaculoid. The stimuloid just didn't live up to the hype, and my Aspire experience was just one of those "different people react differently" effects. They mentioned one of the side effects was a feeling of a "flush" sensation. But my "flush" sensation was alot more than just that. My face was on FIRE! No joke, i went out that night and people told me it looked like i layed in the tanner for 3 straight hours......not fun.


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