WMS only carb in diet?

  1. WMS only carb in diet?

    Is it safe, healthy to use only WMS on a VERY LOW carb diet? Or would I still need actual food?

  2. You'll be missing out on a lot of vitamins and minerals unless you make up for it with lots of vegetables.

  3. Don't do it man. Eating is healthy - never replace food with a supplement. WMS is a great product, but for it to be your only source of energy (carbs) would not be beneficial for your overall health. Eat my friend - food is not an enemy.

  4. If you're on such a low card diet, may as well eat food. I'm guessing you're talking 60g or less per day. Just have 1/2 cup of oatmeal 2x a day.

  5. If you are going to do something like keto you are going to have a hard enough time keeping carbs down without adding another source. I would just stick to vegetables and the bit of carbs you get from other foods on a low carb diet.

  6. waxy maize starch is by far the best carb you want to take pre and post work out. but it should defiantly not be the only carb in your diet. it is a supplement, meaning it is just an aid to your normal diet. food and real carbs in your diet are more important than any supplement you take

  7. Food is the ultimate anabolic - w/o you would not grow.

    Carbs are great and should not be looked as if they're making you over-weight. A proper eating regiman can yield better end results than just cutting carbs to cut BF. Get your macro's in check and be motivated to stay on track - don't diet, just eat smart all the time. Cheating on occasions is OK and you have to in order to stay on track.

  8. If on a low carb diet get your carbs from veggies.

    When bulking still don't use wms as an only carb source.

    Whole food is key.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jCoonan View Post
    Is it safe, healthy to use only WMS on a VERY LOW carb diet? Or would I still need actual food?
    How low is very low? If it's very low, you don't need it at all as obviously your goal is to be in ketosis, and albeit the PWO window might have a negligible effect on ketosis, I would not use it PWO until I had a carb up.

    I've been on very long bouts with low carb dieting, and have done a version of a CKD (with great success) for a good many years. When you do take a carb, don't shortchange yourself... eat whole food. You will appreciate that Yam.

    I agree with Latspread.


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