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Who deserves the free CYCLE!!!

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  1. Who deserves the free CYCLE!!!

    Who deserves the free cycle???


    When resistance exercise involves heavy eccentric muscular contractions (lowering the weight), it is associated with overloading skeletal muscle —that is, the force requirement of the muscle exceeds what it is accustomed too—and results in injury to skeletal muscle. It has traditionally been felt that the events following the initial injury, including inflammation, are necessary for optimal repair and growth of new muscle. Exercise-induced muscle damage stimulates an acute-phase inflammatory response, which includes infiltration into skeletal muscle by macrophages1. Macrophages (Greek: ‘big eaters’) are cells within the tissues that originate from specific white blood cells. One important role of macrophage is the removal of damaged tissue by heavy resistance exercise. Repairing damaged muscle cells is an important function of macrophages in the early stages of muscle damage and inflammation. This inflammatory response coincides with muscle repair, regeneration, and growth, which involves the activation of satellite cells (satellite cell activation is essential for muscle hypertrophy). . The number of macrophages per square millimeter of muscle tissue is increased after heavy eccentric exercise compared to concentric exercise (lifting the weight) which may play an important role as to why eccentric contractions produce greater muscle hypertrophy2. Macrophages are also able to promote muscle growth and repair. In vitro studies (test tubes studies) show macrophages can increase muscle cell growth factors3,4, which indicates a role for macrophage-derived factors in muscle growth


    Inflammation - is the complex biological response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants. It is a protective attempt by the organism to remove the injurious stimuli as well as initiate the healing process for the tissue

    Research in the next few years is going to confirm that inflammation is a critical aspect of building muscle mass. In particular, the ability to reduce inflammation as it goes hand in hand with muscle growth (hypertrophy). As we get older, a chronic inflammatory response manifests within our bodies that makes it increasingly difficult to build and/or maintain muscle as we get older. In directly, this also makes it more difficult to shed body fat.

    This increased level of inflammation ultimately results in oxidative damage to our DNA within muscle cells. In particular, the DNA within the mitochondria within each cell. Most of you probably know that the mitochondria are the primary site of ATP (energy) production within cells. This energy comes from the metabolism of all macro-nutrients; fats, carbs and even protein. The mitochondria are the powerhouses in all cells that crank out the seemingly endless supply of energy.

    The bottom line is science has revealed what causes the destruction of your hard earned muscle, therefore, we can start developing therapies to block/reduce this effect. This process is based on nutritional intervention with specific supplements.


    Using resistance exercises to create hypertrophy causes an overload of the skeletal muscle - more force is exerted that what the muscle usually uses, therby causing an "injury" to that muscle. Immediately after there is an inflammatory response, including macrophages entering the muscles. Macrophages come from white blood cells, and one of their most important tasks is the removal of damaged tissue, and repair of existing tissue. IGF-1 release is also is also stimulated by the release of inflammatory cells.

    Another piece of the inflammatory puzzle are prostaglandins. They are the chemicals that the body produces as a part of the COX cycle, promoting parts of the inflammatory response. They are involved in the sensation of pain, as well as the rise in body temperature associated with fevers. In a positive way, they are regulators of protein synthesis in skeletal muscles, as well as directly inhibiting adipogenesis.

    On the flip side, anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen (particularly any NSAIDs that target COX sites) have been show to reduce muscle hypertrophy by reducing the expression of cox-2 enzymes. The NSAIDs directly interefere with protein synthesis, and by blocking the prostaglandins from being produced also prevent them from helping protein synthesis. In animal studies, high doses of NSAIDs have been shown to reduce muscle gain vs a control set to virtually nothing in mice that were being trained.


    DB2000: Inflimation is bad. It's hurts. There is nothing good about it. I hate inflimation.

    Jjohn: But Dance, inflimation is needed for effective muscle growth.

    DB2000: Yeah right.

    Jjohn: Seriously. It's part of the process called hypertrophy.

    DB2000: I once won the hyper trophy for being the most hyperactive kid in the second grade.

    Jjohn: No, not the hyper trophy. Hypertrophy. It means muscle growth, and inflimation is one of the catalysts to set this in motion.

    DB2000: Pffff.... That's the craziest thing I've ever heard. Why would you say something so crazy? You big crazy. You and I and everyone on this forum knows that inflimation is a response to harmful stimuli, like damaged cells and pathogens. It can be a result of increased free radicals, leakage of blood and other stuff too. It is uncomfortable and stupid. In conclusion, inflimation sucks.

    Jjohn: That's not entirely true. Exercise causes musclar damage, which induces an "acute-phase inflammatory response", which in turn causes skeletal muscle to be penetrated by macrophages.

    DB2000: Macro-whatits?

    Jjohn: Macrophages. These are cells that originate within white blood cells. One of their primary functions is to remove damaged tissues, like the ones caused by training. You see, hypertrophy is caused by the damaging and then repairing of muscles. Inflimation is the initiating process by which this regeneration occurs.

    DB2000: Regeneration! Like Wolverine?

    Jjohn: Uh...sure. This inflimation also stimulates the activation of satallite cells, and the release of IGF-1, an important anabolic hormone and prostaglandins, which regulate protien synthisis. All of these factors contribute to muscle growth.

    DB2000:....Go on.

    Jjohn: Um, that's pretty much it, short of me going into far too much detail.

    DB2000: Wow Jjohn, You're a good rep. Thanks for your help.

    Jjohn: No problem. And remember, you should embrace inflimation, and know that even though it's uncomfortable, it's a sign that your getting bigger and looking great!

    DB2000:...Are you coming on to me?

    Jjohn: What?

    DB2000: What's all this about me "looking great"? Are you hitting on me?

    Jjohn: What? No! That's not what I'm saying. This is a misunderstanding. I'm French.

    DB2000: Tsk-tsk, Jjohn. You represent Molecular Nutrition, a professional company. What would Bill Llwenlyn think if he knew you were out here hitting on potential customers, telling them they look good?

    Bill Llwenlyn: I also think you look good, Dance.

    DB2000: (pause) Okaaay....This is 'bout you give me a t-shirt, and I'll get out of your hair. Thanks.


    So you want to lose weight after that long vacation?
    Want to disprove that we're a fast food nation?
    Put on some sweats and pick your favorite radio station.
    But make sure to watch out for muscle inflammation.

    Red swollen irritants are a bad sign
    Get some water and sit for some time
    I know getting fit sounds divine
    But if you overtrain you won't be fine.

    Consume heart-healthy foods and treat your body right
    When you start curlin those 40's sh1t's gonna be tight!
    But if you overdo it, you just just might
    Get muscle inflammation and have to say goodnight

  2. Mental Twitch!

  3. You put "Danceboots 2000" haha.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22 View Post
    You put "Danceboots 2000" haha.
    It was intentional! 1st who noticed LOL.

  5. Dance FTW! Easy for the close 2nd, cause he is my home-dawg.

  6. A cycle of what? X factor?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn View Post
    1st who noticed LOL.
    Does that mean I win?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Travis View Post
    A cycle of what? X factor?
    D bawls :P

  9. I think dancebot or messplay deserves this. dancebot put some nice amount of work into his work.

    Ill be damn if tripdog doesnt win this though. It's like a given -_-.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Dance FTW! Easy for the close 2nd, cause he is my home-dawg.
    I voted for Dancebot

    I'm pondering buying one more bottle of x-factor to continue my current log into a 70 dayer at 1250mg the extra 20 days

  11. DANCEBOT FTW!!!..

    comeon guys, creativity gotta win here.

  12. Yea tripdogs been cool to me and helped out on alot of my questions so hes got my vote

  13. haha dont know what the cycle is but Dancebot should win it.

  14. Molecular Nutrition makes one cyclable product And it's X Factor of course!

  15. DanceBoots2000

  16. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn View Post
    Molecular Nutrition makes one cyclable product And it's X Factor of course!
    ahhhh man i thought they were going to get some D-bawls lol

  17. Glenihan.

  18. Avenue Red!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Cordeen View Post
    I really liked his writeup. Good creativity and gets the point across very well.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by whitedevil74 View Post
    I really liked his writeup. Good creativity and gets the point across very well.
    indeed. dancebot ftw.

  21. Thanks for all the support guys. I just ordered RPM and Drive from Nutraplanet and that damn thread keeps popping up about how I should stack them with X-factor. Hopefully I'll get the chance to.

    Good luck everyone.


  22. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22 View Post
    You put "Danceboots 2000" haha.
    I do own some nice dance boots I bought in the year 2000.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Dancebot 2000 View Post
    I do own some nice dance boots I bought in the year 2000.
    Prove it.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Dancebot 2000 View Post
    I do own some nice dance boots I bought in the year 2000.
    I believe him, vote for this Kid!..hahaha

    Trip dizzle you know i got love for ya, but DB gots this one

  25. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22 View Post
    Prove it.
    I would, but I'm computer illeterate and can't figure out how up load a picture.


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