MST Somnidren-GH & GHSR Stack Testers Wanted!

  1. Thumbs up MST Somnidren-GH & GHSR Stack Testers Wanted!

    Hello all! Here is a link to the testers thread. We are looking for 2 people to log the Somnidren-GH and 2 to log the GHSR Stack (Somnidren-GH and ZMK) stack. This may be the only opportunity to log these....get in now

    Details Inside! Apply Here>

  2. I am interested in logging it once I am done my current log. I am currently having great success with it!!! LOL!! I bet even better with ZMK!!

  3. Count me in. I was actually looking to do this type of product and it happens to be that you have the perfect product. Is it even out. I might just buy it if I don't log it. powerfull and gaba

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