Gotta Love 1fast400

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  1. Originally posted by pinoy

    he isn't just capping PH's.
    ok, i stand corrected. this should be interesting.

  2. This could very well be customs seizing stuff
    You ordered banned items and you get upset with me if they get seized? What would you like me to do about it? Customs has no organization what so ever. I've been sent a letter twice in 1 year, that is it. I know for a fact that more than 2 packages have gotten seized. Sometimes they keep it, sometimes they send it back, sometimes they grab one item and send it through. If you wanted tracking on your shippment then you should have paid for tracking. Don't ask for the cheapest method of shipping (due to weight) and complain that you don't get the services offered to those that do pay. I'm sorry you haven't had a good experience, I'd like to think you are in the minority. The policy for foreign shippments is written VERY plainly on the website. I'm not sure what else you want me to do.

  3. Personally, I've ordered from 1Fast400 the anarchy stack and I was a little surprised that shipping was going to be $18...

    I was also very surprised when the mailman showed up at my door ONE WEEK later with my package... I'm in Canada, so it had to go through customs, too. Lucky? From what I hear, that's what doing business with this guy is - Fast and efficient.

    I'mma order again, that's for sure.

  4. I wasn't aware that it was necessary to specifically ask for tracking on shipments, and certainly didn't pick the "cheapest method" of shipping as you've stated. I didn't even see any other methods of shipping available, or any mention that tracking had to be specially requested anywhere on the site.

    When I phoned to get the order shipped weeks after placing it (which to me is quite frankly inexcusable, the fact that twice I've had to follow up on orders just to get them shipped, and this messed up my plans for post-cycle supplementation after a ph/ps cycle) I asked about any other shipping options I may have had to speed things up, and was told that you were too busy at that point to talk to me on the phone by your staff, and to send an e-mail. So I indeed sent an e-mail, but didn't receive any response to that e-mail anyway. My patience has really run out as far as your business is concerned. I realize I can't blame you for stuff being seized by customs, but see nobody else to be angry with on the messups with getting my orders sent out. You e-mailed me a US customs number, what can I use that number for?

    There are other businesses out there that I've had better success with as far as getting my stuff out promptly, in the case with 1fast I guess it's boiling down to me being aggravated with orders being misplaced twice, and subsequently deciding to take my business elsewhere.

  5. I understand your frustration. I don't remember things quite as you do. Others responses seem to be the opposite of yours, you can't make everyone happy. I apologize.

  6. Mike, we do appreciate you coming by to try to help him out.

  7. I got my Anarchy Stack too, and I am in Canada. Custom opened the package, and they charged me $16 or so for GST and other stuff. I don't know how it got here in like 3 days.
    On the other hand, the Vendetta and Absolve haven't arrived. Now I have a Vendetta against Canadian Custom.


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