Drive and RPM dosings

  1. Drive and RPM dosings

    Im a 180 lbs sprinter and I just got a shipment off RPM and Drive. I know im supposed to take the doses an hour before my workout but we do our running workouts then lift right after. Should I be taking it an hour before I have my running workout or right before my running workout which is an hour before we lift. Much appreciated.

  2. Since drive will help with endurance i would take it 3 caps one hour prior to your running...

  3. Should be ok taken either an hour before the run or right before the run, depending too on when you eat pre-workout. What and when is your last meal before running?

  4. Easy is handlin' bidness..... I'll just move along. Carry on good man

  5. If you can stomach it, open up your caps about 15 minutes before your running workout, it will kick in almost immediatly and hit you much harder. That is what I do when I am pressed for time.

  6. I eat a simple meal of protein and carbs about an hour before my workouts

  7. ah in that case I would suggest what themyth said for RPM, and take drive right before your run. then it will have kicked in fully for your weight workout


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