Help with goals.

  1. Help with goals.

    Okay, so right now I'm cycling with Epistane and by the time post cycle is done it will be about 7 weeks from now. Then I'm going to give my body a rest from all supplements until February 1st. Thats when I will cut. I was thinking about stacking Red Acid with PowerFULL to increase fat loss while maintaining muscle mass, but I havent put much thought into it yet, so if you have suggestions for me let me know. Basically I want to lean up for summer, like most, and then I'll start bulking again in the fall. Does sound like a decent year's plan or would you guys change anything. Thanks for the help.

    For those who havent seen my other posts, as of today I am:

    Age: 27
    Weight: 184
    Height: 6'1


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