1. Ast???

    Are the AST line of supplements any good?

  2. pretty basic stuff and kinda expensive, but their micronized creatine is solid.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Athleat View Post
    Are the AST line of supplements any good?
    They were cutting edge in '03-'04, now not so much.

  4. Their Dymetadrine Xtreme (pre-Ephedra ban) was the shiznit.

  5. yup i used the micronized a few years ago and used VP2 before I found a cheaper alternative.. good products theyre just a little pricey like g train said..

  6. vp2 is awesome. Peptide fractions.

  7. I wish i was able to try their prohormones before the ban. oh well...

  8. Thanks! I didn't realize that they are quite expensive until now. I appreciate it!


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