Need That last little edge

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    Need That last little edge

    Hey guys long time no talky..

    Just want to let you all know I am doing great. Dropped my waist size down to a 29 and increased my body weight by 8 lbs at the same time... I have almost completed my goal. All i need now is a tight Six pack. I have an ultra clean diet and now I am taking a very limited number of supplements... Green Bulge, White Blood, and Animal pump. I need something to help me get my body fat down just a little more. I can see my top for abs and most of my obliques, but they don't pop. What do i need to do?

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    1. DCP/Leviathan Reloaded Stack $58 at NP
    2. weighted cable crunches
    3. more cardio ie:HIIT
    4. patience
    sounds like you are doing great to be honest, keep up what you are doing and you should reach your goals, but these may help give you a little extra push but dont stop what you are doing. keep it up!

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