Aspire 36/Paravol - Cant stop burping!!!!

  1. Aspire 36/Paravol - Cant stop burping!!!!

    Help Guys!

    This is my second dose of Aspire 36 (and also paravol) and I cant stop burping.

    Last time i thought it was food but this time its just crazy .... what the hell?!!

    Im doing little burps every 20 seconds, and I cant stop. My stomach doesnt feel bloated, but my throat itches bad and I keep burping and I cant sleep!

    Is it anything in the Aspire or the Paravol?!!

    Awesome products guys, but anyone know whats going on. An allergy? (causing the throat itching and belching?)

    What the hell is going on guys?!! lol

    Reps & Love for answer!!!

  2. not enough water taken with your pills it sounds like....

    I get the burps when I dont fully swallow pills, especially rpm...then burp for like an hour. I would drink a toooooooooooon of water with any pills you take. I know it sounds simple, but its not paravol or aspire, haha...they dont make people burp, its most likely your not drinking enough water to wash them down.
    Itching may be from the pill desolving in your throat, power in your throat doesnt feel the best, try burping a handful of pills up....its nasty as hell.
    hows the aspire working for ya bro?

  3. nvm just read your review in the pal section, appreciate the feedback and support bro!

  4. Haha man, you know your absolutely right about the pill in throat thing. I think the aspire got stuck there. I took some alka seltzer after posting and I felt this lump in my throat move down.

    10 mins later went away.

    I was seriously burping like somone set of a nutric oxide bomb in my stomach lol!

  5. When you swallow you need to swallow all of it

  6. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    When you swallow you need to swallow all of it

    Hey im a newbie to this swallowing thing, usually i just use the transdermal method

  7. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    When you swallow you need to swallow all of it
    thata girl..haha



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