DCP / GlycerGrow

  1. DCP / GlycerGrow

    When i start my 2nd bottle of Levi Reloaded I'm going to stack it with DCP. ( I'm really liking my 1st bottle of Levi and hear this stack is awesome)
    this is from the DCP page :
    a study shows TTA increases the activity of DGAT, which transfers acyl groups to glycerols, allowing fat to be redesposited.
    So my question is, is it ok to take GlycerGrow with DCP or will the Glycerol MonoStearate in GlycerGrow make either GlycerGrow or DCP less effective when taken together?

  2. Or even has anyone taken GlycerGrow with DCP with no problems

  3. i took them during a month with no problems i knew of....ill just bump this maybe someone more knowledgeable will can help with this. i will say i didnt take them both pre workout together so idnt know if thats a problem

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