6oxo/Androstenetrione: Adrenal glands health

  1. 6oxo/Androstenetrione: Adrenal glands health

    can prolong use of androstenetrione can effect the adrenal glands and overwork them? since it effects cortisol and also the thyroid?

  2. It's not something that I'd be worried about, and I've had adrenal fatigue.

    I don't know how much of an effect 6oxo has on cortisol.

  3. How did you cure your adrenal fatigue Al Shades?

  4. Reset AD seems to be quite popular for adrenal fatigue from stims...Not sure on the physiology, so not sure if it applies to the original post. It might work for superone though. Superone, what were you taking?

    Reset AD or 5 HTP for Adrenal health.
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  5. Exclamation Tyrosine!

    Just some regular old Tyrosine can help cure adrenal fatigue as well...if taken in higher doses. Tyrosine helps directly stimulate the thyroid and will help regulate your adrenal glands....just a little fyi.

    This is why when you take something like gaspari thermogenic thyrotabs they recommend taking some tyrosine post cycle.
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