Cortisol,Adrenal,thyroid androstenetrione AI question (experts please!)

  1. Arrow Cortisol,Adrenal,thyroid androstenetrione AI question (experts please!)

    the benefits of using AI is that it can increase test by lowering estrogen,but i hear that it also blocks cortisol, which leads to more adrenaline to compensate, which can lead to adrenal fatigue=depression?

    How do i go about using an AI without getting these side effects? i want to make sure all my neurotransmitters are up to par as well (serotonin, dopamine ect.)

    i have the following supplements: androstenetrione powder, reset AD, 5htp, and caffeine

    Does androstenetrione also block cortisol too much? because i read that having too low cortisol causes adrenal fatigue and you will end up not getting much sleep and eventually with anxiety and depression? So should i dose 300mg instead of 600mg and why take it at night?
    I have the reset AD that i already take and its pretty good. Im not sure about the 5htp, would it be useful when running an AI?
    I plan on only running the following supps: 3caps of reset AD, 300mg on androstentrione with last meal, caffeine/preworkoutNO, multivitamin and maybe powerfull...

  2. Were did you read that an AI lowers Cortisol?

    Im suffering from similar adrenal problems and im interested.

    Mabye you should post this in the Anti-Aging section of the forum.

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