fake tan

  1. fake tan

    Does anyone know of any products that work good for fake tan. Meaning a spray type or supplement. I hate tanning and dont like the aging it gives but want to get a tan before i leave for vacation.

  2. Pro Tan, not sure if Nutra carries it, doesn't look like it but that will be your best bet.

  3. Mystic tans are by far the best and quickest if you are looking for a recreational tan.

  4. I am going to Jamaica tomorrow and am also looking for something to use so that I get dark brown rather then red. I tan very easily and get very dark but I tend to start off redish then turn into a brown tan.

    Especially my face and head (I shave my head). They get red like I have high BP and want to use something to just get brown.

    Any suggestions?

  5. Uhmm mystic tan. If you get it sprayed on today you will be tan within 5 hours. If you do this have them set the machine to spray you with a bronzer.

  6. thanks kid

  7. Anytime old man

  8. nice , 38 going on 70

  9. melanotan 2

  10. i like pro-tan. I was really brown the next day.

  11. melanotan 2

  12. went to TJ Maxx and they had some tanning kits in there. was a creme, not a spray, and even had some "extending lotion" for after application, and a creme for your face. it was $3 so i bought a box....said what they hell.

    worked great, no orange color, and probably can get 3 uses out of one box. i used Neautrogena spray in the past and it made me orange. run to TJ Maxx and see if they have some


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