I was wondering what I could possibly add to my supplements to help me gain some mass but not gain any fat or anything I should do to help make this happen.

I eat quite a bit.. around 6 meals a day averaging about 180g of protein intake and 3000 calories.

Mesomorph Body type
I am currently at 168lbs with 14% bodyfat and my goal is to get up to at least 180 lbs - 190 lbs. with 8% bodyfat

I do 4x a week cardio (stairmaster for 30 minutes)
and Weight Training 4-5 Times a week

Current Supplement Routine:
MHP Dren
Retain2 (my life is SUPER stressful especially as a performing musician so yeah, this is to control a bit of cortisol)
MuscleMilk/Syntha-6 (Honestly depending on what mood im in haha)