Good bulking stack? Adivse please

  1. Good bulking stack? Adivse please

    I'm in the middle of a cutting cycle taking Thyrotabs. I'm fascinated its going great, abs showing and all the stuff yodda yodda yodda. I'm planning a bulking cycle after but here's the catch... I have been struggling with the leaning out cycles for a year. Finally after trial and error I've managed to go from 250 lbs to a lean 188. I put on fat and muscle very easy. Honestly I don't need many supps to "bulk" but then I end up fat. So... here is my bulk cycle stack, please tell me if its adequate for me considering what I just said:

    *Assume (because it will be) diet is right on*
    - Lean Xtreme (why? as a thyrotabs "post cycle therapy" for thyroid regulation and to keep cortisol under control. I assume I can benefit from the cort blocking by avoiding "belly fat" Also on the product description it claims that it can "accelerate your progress ON cycle.)
    - Furazadrol at minimal dose (why? because it is a mild PH and because it has great reviews on fat loss, in my case it could help KEEPING IT OFF on cycle, and the anabolic side of this supp is a plus in my case.)
    - DCP (why? nutrient partitioning capabilities for the xmas holydays and whatnot, and to avoid some damage for the once a week "cheat meal" I will be allowing myself.)
    -Either/Or of: Xtend or Animal Nitro (why? to keep as anabolic as possible during the workout)
    - Nano Vapor (why? to keep me going with the motivational pumps during workouts

    Aside from the multi and whey, is there anything else I should add to or remove from the stack? Is it even a good stack? Been thinking about it for days and this is the best I could come up with. Hope to see some replies

  2. ?

    do u have PCT in mind for the "mild PH"? u cant forget it, other then that why muscletech? i would just go for White Flood by controlled labs (better reviews)

  3. I have never tried any of the Muscletech PRoducts. Yes I've heard horror stories about their products and what not. But if you check nano vapor is pretty much the only one with "good" reviews. But anyway if people insist I will go for something else i.e superpump or that white flood. PCT is covered btw

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