Dermacrine Sustain and Lean Xtreme

  1. Dermacrine Sustain and Lean Xtreme

    Would it be overkill to use these products together? On the other hand, would there be any advantage to doing this?

  2. Ok, I actually meant Dermatherm. Great first post, lol.

    So, 7 keto with 7 oh. Would the other goodies in Lean Xtreme make it worthy or again, is it overkill? I am looking to use this as part of pct after a wet DS (pp clone).

  3. You might wanna hold off on using this right into PCT. I would wait at least until you finish your pct. Unless your using the PP to cut?....I'm thinking thats not the case though.

    To answer your question it is more than likely overkill. The dermatherm should do more than enough.

  4. For what reason do you say this (not flaming, just looking for more information)?

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