Any real good supps out there?

  1. Any real good supps out there?

    Hey, I am 6 foot and about 174 pounds, I've cycled a few other things like test prop 4 and dbol but that was about three years ago or more. I am now 23 and I have been stuggling to get any decent gains in the gym, I was wondering if you guys had any advice on which kind of cycle and where I should/could get it from? I'm pretty lean right now, but I dont think I really want a strictly bulking cycle.

  2. Hows your nutrition, training and rest? Those are the first things to master. Then move onto creatine, protein, multivitamin. With those things, you should be able to see gains.

  3. Protein, EFA, Creatine, Beta-alanine, Multi Vitamin, Steak, Eggs, Leafs, Berries, Nuts

    Avoid hormonal products until you have been hanging around the forums for a few months, post your cycle and PCT first for advice.

    These are dangerous drugs, honestly.

  4. Cissus, Dessicated Liver, BCAA's

  5. At 174 lbs, you don't need additionnal supplements IMO. Train hard, get some whey protein, maybe creatine and you'll be huge!!



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