MST & RPN get together for a super sweat stack!!

  1. Cool MST & RPN get together for a super sweat stack!!


    Purchased separately: $63.90, purchased together.. well, click on the link to find out!

    Also check out our popular stack savings, now updated with PAL Leviathan RELOADED!!

    DCP/Leviathan Reloaded Stack (Twin Pack) By Palo Alto Labs

  2. Just some personal feedback.. I do think Shred XS HC is a very nice stim to complement DCP. I've only needed to use 1 cap (so for smaller females one bottle would last a long time) and the combo of the two gave some good appetite regulating effects for the next few hours.

    It doesn't crank you out, bigger guys you would probably use the full dose, but gives a smooth, mild energy and the PEA sure puts you in a good mood. I really like how MST have added some adaptogenic ingredients to help with adrenal fatigue often associated with stim use/abuse.

    I'm really happy this stack deal has eventuated, and I would have no trouble recommending this stack, for those who want to keep in shape in the upcoming "fatty season".

  3. bizzump.. I see it selling well at NP.. feedback would be much appreciated if you guys have tried it out. Thanks

  4. Three contributions so far from you only. Let's break the monologue

    Agree with asianbabe in terms of the potential efficacy of the stack. I just could not ignore the offer. And I am really looking forward to kicking it off.
    Infinite thanks, by the way to Fabulous One, for proposing this combo to NutraPlanet/RPN/MST. Great insight!
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