Need some PH advice

  1. Need some PH advice

    Any of you heard of Oxodrol-12 (2a,17a di methyl-5a-androst-3-one)? It alleges itself to be a superdol copy cat and its not that expensive.

    Also, I know H-Drol is suppose to be a copy cat of HD50 and thats SUPER cheap, but I'm slightly weary of things that are too good to be true. I mean, that stuff is CHEAP if it's really anywhere close to HD50.

    Last question, I'd been thinking about Hemadrol for awhile, but then I came across an opportunity to get the original Superdol, which was really exciting and I was pretty fixed on giving it a shot until I ran into Oxodrol-12 (for half the price). Anyway, big question is, which one should I go for, Hemadrol or Superdrol (for double the cost)? Is Superdrol worth double the cost of Hemadrol? And if Oxodrol-12 is legit, then that'd be the BEST bet.

  2. Phera-plex is also an option I have

  3. CEL sells a good SD clone (M-Drol) for $18.95 @ suprememuscle..............

  4. their hdrol is a good clone too. . .

  5. Comp. Edge Labs is a great company, so their products should not be looked at as if they're cheap in nature, just cheap in price.

    Although, I'm a firm believer in buying the supplement from the company that put it on the market in the first place, if given the chance to do so.

    It comes down to plain old economics... What does your wallet say about it?

  6. I guess it really comes down to which product will have the most expensive PCT. If H-Drol at that low of a price is quality, then it sounds great. However, with further research, especially with PCT "cost" being an issue, JungleWarfare seems to be a good option too. Rodja had this JW/Pro Anavar stack, I know JW doesn't require PCT, but does the Pro Anavar?

  7. Pro-Anavar or do you mean Pro-Anabol?

  8. yeah

  9. Okay, just found out Pro Anabol is just ecdysterone, no PCT for SURE for that. The JW is still up in the air, I've read cases for both.


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