ALCAR and H2O...

  1. ALCAR and H2O...

    Once ALCAR gets wet (H2O), does it lose it's nutritional properties? I was capping a little ALCAR and some of the caps got wet. Is it okay to take or should they be discarted?

  2. Down em now.....

  3. powdered alcar can be dissolved in water right? I mean I dont think it loses anything does it Wind?

  4. Hey i'm new to this whole alcar thing, what does the AR in ALCAR stand for?

  5. ALCAR = Acetyl L-Carnitine

  6. interested in know if the alcar powder can just be ingested by mixing it with water....or does it become more or less useless unless it is digested in the stomach through a capsule.


  7. I have the BAC ALCAR powder and instead of capping I just use empty water bottles. Makes it easy to use at work, when its time to take the ALCAR, I just throw some water in there and shake it up and down the stuff. I don't think it loses its effectiveness, I most definitely can feel it when it gets into my system.

  8. i'm assuming ALCAR powder is relatively tasteless cuz you guys are mixing it in water. why cap it then unless the stuff taste like ****?

  9. It does taste like crap...It has a vinegar aftertaste

  10. It most definitely has some bitter taste to it, but for me personally its not too bad. Just don't try taking r-ala mixed in water, now that is some nasty stuff!


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