First post, hopefully log

  1. First post, hopefully log

    Hi AM board....been reading for a year or so...but I want opinions on the option I have at hand right now.

    I am going on a cruise in exactly 1 month. I want to lose 20 lbs by then. I know some say its not possible or you'll be sick looking. That's just what I'm saying. Any benefit would be awsome. Well 2 years ago I broke my hand and completly lost all motivation for any activity. I hit the weights, Taekwando for 19 years, ate right, drank a gallon a day, the whold nine yards. Then my wife just had a baby 3 months ago so..I tell you I ate. Well I started watching my food intake yesterday. Not great, but better. I will be doing a lot of jogging, compound full body workouts with dumbbells 3x a week, daily body weight excercises, and kettlebells on weight days starting on Monday. This will also be my booster for me to continue working out. There's a gym on the cruise ship, but I think I will try different excercises than I do at home. Probably more cardio and take a lot of sun.

    OOOKKKK Sorry for the long introduction but this is what I have already. I probably will not buy anything else for this log except for glucosamine/msm. Maybe even try that Kre-alkalyn..I like checking out newer technoligies even if they have their critics. Well this is what I have"

    Rebound XT 60 caps / 25mg
    Noxidant 90 caps/ 3 servings
    L-Arginine 50 caps / 1 g
    B6 100 caps/ 50 mg
    D 100 caps /1000 iu
    Biotin 60 tabs / 1000 mcg
    Flax oil 90 gels/ 1000 mg
    alpha drive xl 90 caps / 3 servings
    formestane 5 grams
    6-oxo 4 grams
    penetrate 8 oz
    i have this little spray bottle of igf-1 that Ill spray throught the day.....probably worthless..but why not waste it
    maybe msm/glucosamine
    Oh and I am on prescribed Didrex. I take it 3 x a day..I started today. I won't take the complete dosage or at all on days I don't work. I also am considered something for night like melatonin.

    Now the question. I want to space out these servings withing the month which I know can be done. Now will any of these negate the other? Will any of them be to much to do in an entire month? I was going to follow the directions on most of them. Will I need any PCT due the formestane? I am assuming this will be a very dry regimine. Anything to help with that? My goal is to lose weight and slim up. fast. Yes I know it can be dangerous due to low estrogen. But for one month I think I can handle it. Other people have done worse. I know my foods and how to set a diet, but I won't be following anything specific. Just watching what I eat. Oh and Im going back to water only. Maybe juices on occations. I got hooked on energy drinks for a few years. So now if you made it through this let me know what you think. Oh I also like fenugreek so I might get some. I wanted 7-keto powder for the transdermal... but everyone is out.

    again sorry



  2. Well

    you don't want to take Rebound XT 6-oxo or formestane together for one. Thats a big nono. Reducing your estrogen by that much would take you to 0, which you dont want either. you will experience joint pain, and recovery slowdow which will mean your workouts are lower intensity, which will hurt you in your goals. so just pick one of them to use, i'd go with maybe atd before the cruise, and 6-oxo on the cruise. Reason for that is that ATD will negatively impact your libido, but 6-oxo wont

    outside of that you say "I know my foods and how to set a diet, but I won't be following anything specific." I can understand not following a pre-set every meal menu, but do you have a calorie goal? also protein/carb/fat % breakdown you are trying to hit? You can use tools like or to help track that.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I figured I wouldn't be doing ATD and 6-oxo together. As calorie goal I don't have one set beacause I don't know how much I am taking it at the moment. I've been eating fast food, fried foods, and drinking soft drinks....Almost daily for a year now. I'm hispanic so I'll go to my beans, cheese, and tortilla diet. :-) I do know that starting yesterday I took in half the calories from previous days. Where I work I am the only guy there and there are about 3 pregnant women just in my office, so there is food everywhere. In my previous years of working out, I didn't set calories goals. I always just followed the ingridients. If there was HFCS or Hydro- oils I didn't eat it. I always kept my protein high too. That's what I forgot on my list. I need to get a low fat protein powder. One more thing. Used to use the 6-oxo on the cruise. So are the ATD and Formestene trans good together? I found few posts conscerning the two. I will be seaching more today. Well will 5 grams of formestene be enough for a month. I still have some bulk 4ad but I didn't want to do that and then have to deal with PCT on the cruise. But If am doing 6-oxo while on the cruise anyways, then why not. Oh yea my goal is to lose weight. The last time I used it I got swole and my mom said I looked fat. :-) Thanks again and any more insight would be appreciated. I started good this morning. I had my bowl of oatmeal and glass of water. Oh and a flintstones vitamin(daughters)

  4. without really tracking the calories, its about impossible to meet a specific goal. Its like building a house where you have the blueprints, but you're just going to run by the lumber store and grab handfuls of this and that, and hopefully at the end what you build matches the blueprints. I mean think about it, you said
    I do know that starting yesterday I took in half the calories from previous days.
    but if you don't know what you took in how can you tell? I'm just harping on this as taking in too low calories can be as bad for your goals as taking in too much. Without tracking, you can't tell...

    The formestane would be most useful I guess if you have man boobs. outside of that and getting some additional value out of it for that purpose I wouldn't use it at all if I were you. The problem is that you will get residual transfer, as well as it ending up on your shirts, etc. That means some amount will also end up on your wife + baby and on their clothes when they are washed which is NOT a good idea, could do permanent endocrine damage to the baby . same of course on the 4ad.

  5. Thanks for that...I knew about the residual transfer of the 4ad...I didn't know how the formastane would be. Plus I don't have man boobs so I'll hold on to that for a while then. I totally agree with you on the calories. I'm being stubborn when it comes to that and will have to start monitoring it. I appareciate the advice and eye opener.

  6. It definitely becomes easier over time. plus if you track it for a week or two, you'll at least get a feel for what your normal meals are like, so you can just spot check after that. Thats where i'm at now, I have a bunch of specific meals that I know are 350 cal, so I can just vary between them.


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