Alright I should be receiving my order tomorrow and just wanted to run schedule and dosage by you guys. Right now I weigh 205lbs at 8.9%bf. My next target is to get to 212 at a solid 7.8-8bf%. Anyway, here is what I gathered from reading the forum:

*sip on 10-12grams BCAAs an hour prior to and through workout. Should I add oat flour to the BCAAs as a source of complex carbs?

*PWO shake: 10g Leucine, 40grams whey, 30grams oat flour, 1 banana, 10oz skim milk, 1tsp natty pb.

*7.2 grams of beta-alanine split over two doses. Since I workout at night I was thinking 1 in the morning and the second 45-60 minutes prior to work out. (Does anyone find it more beneficial to bracket the doses around the workout?

*Mix 10g of BCAAs to sip on throughout day/night.
I also picked up some GMS to take prior to work out since it was cheap and some people believe it improves transportation efficiency.

Any adjustments/recommendations would be great.
In addition, I plan on doing the 3days on/4days off creatine cycle after I see what kind of effects I strictly get from the above schedule.