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ultimate non-hormonal test boosting bulk stack

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    ultimate non-hormonal test boosting bulk stack

    ok guys...I am looking into taking almost an entire year off ANYTHING hormonal whatsoever. I have abused my body this year and feel its time to really give it a break.

    I want to run a natural testosterone boosting custom stack and these are my ideas so far

    turkesterone(I want the 20%...but NP doesn't offer it, and the place that does is out of stock)
    Cissus Quad
    Ecdysterone(is this redundant to add if I use the Turk?)
    Nettle Root 95% extract
    Yellow Gold

    What's everyone think of this? Any other extracts I should be adding/getting rid of? What doses would most of you suggest?


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    I didnt have good results with ecdysterone/turk...and have seen no solo logs where people noticed a benefit.

    maybe look into resveratrol, an AI or some of the ingredients in activate extreme

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    androstenetrione powder


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