New guy could use a hand

  1. New guy could use a hand

    Im 33 years old 6,4 206 pounds 9%bf. I have been training for 10 years. I took dec and sust a year ago got very little off of it, other then that I took d bol like 5 yrs ago. 6mnths ago I took Sustevol, Holy S#$# 18 pounds in a month. I took liver assist and came off with recycle.LOl I hear that its bad stuff,Now. what should i do to get good gains safely?rather not do illegal.Otc would be cool.

  2. You will get a wide range of answers to your question more than likely, but here is a short list of products that I've really enjoyed and have found effective with similar goals. I suggest you run a search on these product names and educate yourself :




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