Applied Nutriceuticals IGF-2?

  1. Applied Nutriceuticals IGF-2?

    Has anyone tried or heard reviews of Applied Nutriceuticals? I have looked through forums and have not found anything on it. Any help would be appreciated

  2. dude you need to look harder. there are TONS

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Cellardude View Post
    dude you need to look harder. there are TONS
    ****in A i just saw the damn Applie tabs, ignore this thread, dont i feel like a jackass

  4. at first iw as like WTF Deployed blogging

  5. try the search function. there is plenty of people logging the product.

  6. Its a nice product, seems expensive but the ingredients are too. Using IFG-2 with Drive + RPM is a fantastic stack that is healthy and contains nothing banned by any natural bodybuilding or sports groups.

  7. You can view my log through the "link" in my signature. My final post gives a summary as well as Pros and Cons. It's probably the best thing you'll find anywhere - j/k. It is just my thoughts on the products though.

  8. Great sleep, great endurance, strength, and recovery increases, and decreases body fat. It's one of my favorite supps, if only for the sleep benefits.


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