Arginine Q. I searched so help out.

  1. Arginine Q. I searched so help out.

    Ok i really did search maybe i missed over it whatever. I bought the Mass Pump stack from Nutra. It has argingine in it, taste like a$$.
    Waht do you who also have used mixed with? I tried Gatorade and a little bit of Monster to no avail so it has been Just Cit Malate and Creatine Gluconate until i get anew idea. I maybe just drop it in my shake but i wanted it preWO. Next try is iced tea.
    Thanks guys.

    EDIT: I dint hyperlink just happend. weird.

  2. Nothing will mask it. Your gonna have to put some liquid in your mouth throw the AEE dowm the hatch and then chase it....thats what I did worked alright.

  3. Alright...thanks man. Its goin to suck i may try capin it or somethin down the road as Piracetam taste like a$$ also, and Choline Citrate isnt much better.

  4. I eventually found if I used OJ it cut down on the after taste.

  5. I always just put all three in a really small amount of water and shot it all down at once, then washed it down with a full glass of water.

    Not really all that bad

  6. Just to let people know. I did use orange juice toay and it helped alot. So mix with OJ or dump and chase with OJ. Thanks again fellas.


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