Poll: Which is the best cortisol blocker?

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Best Cortisol Blocker...New!

  1. Best Cortisol Blocker...New!

    The new and improved edition. That cool?


  2. i vote yes

  3. i vote no

  4. topical option

  5. What about 7-cort or topical keto dhea type products?

  6. I think the poll should say which is the most popular....how do you know that IBE's X-Lean is the 'best' ?

  7. I may never say this again but I agree with reaper...

    Very few people have used all of them while maintaining a constant diet in like situations.

    Forceofgreaan seems to have an understanding of these suppliments. I am sure Dr.D has even more but since he was a principle creator of several of them, his opinion will be inherently bias.

    Really this is a popularity pole and not a scientific discussion.

  8. I vote for me. Hope I win!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by In Hulk View Post
    The new and improved edition. That cool?
    Nope, not cool.

    It should be listed by active ingredient.

    And serine ain't on there.


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