Pro Anabol and Liver Values

  1. Pro Anabol and Liver Values

    Ok I know you thought nope its not a methylated substance even before you opened the thread. BUT:

    I went for my medical checkup four months ago and my liver values were like follow:

    I went for another one last week,nothing changed in my diet at all (except adding Pro Anabol for two weeks),I only changed it two weeks ago when I started with my log........

    Values for second test:
    ALT: 101
    AST: 59

    Had to go for a scan to confirm my liver is fine,the doctor scheduled additional blood tests as he says the liver is fine something else is stressing it.
    Could this be Pro Anabol?

    please see:
    Pro Anabol and Liver Values

    The higher values had to be pre -existing,while staying on Pro Anabol I lowered ensymes with just training and strict diet without taking any liver support supplement.

  2. Not trying to start a war,just seeking some info as Pro Ananbol seems perfectly safe.........and trying to find whats up with my liver.

  3. Dam......thats quite a jump. Do you drink alcohol?
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  4. Dam......thats quite a jump. Do you drink alcohol?
    Socially,before my first test more than before my second one,the thing is I stopped using any alcohol when I started with Pro Anabol as I am really serious about a log I am doing for 9 weeks,I would say I had a few drinks twice a month before I stopped.
  5. Test

    Will go for another value test in four weeks to see what goes

  6. Any one else with a opinion?

  7. No one expects the methylated ecdysterone to create liver stress due to the different nature of the plant sterol, vs. a synthetic dertivative of testosterone. That's pretty f.ucked up though, hopefully things work out for you.
  8. Thumbs up Update:

    Hi Guys

    Just wanted to give you some feedback I kept on using the pro Anabol and had another liver value test done,the specialist phoned me this morning and said there was a sicnificant drop in values. Seems the values were high before i started with Pro Anabol and my strict diet with excerscise over the last few weeks brought it back to almost normal.

    Proof that Pro Anabol is really safe for me
  9. Talking Final Values

    Hi Guys

    Got my results in the post:
    Values for second test:
    ALT: 33
    AST: 51

    Huge drop in a month while staying on Pro Anabol,this just proofs,that the Pro Anabol had no effect at all on higher values as I managed to drop values while using it at reccomended dosage.

  10. are u seeing any results from it? what is ur dosing like Deployed blogging

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Outside Backer View Post
    are u seeing any results from it? what is ur dosing like
    2 Caps a day

    I am doing a log: Hyperdrol X2,Pro Anabol ,Stim -X,T-X Spread over 9 Weeks at current.

    I was out the Gym for over a year so I cant say to much on strength as that would be normal as well,I did definateley feel more agrresive and Libido is up,I would say my progress was much faster and I did get results,but my diet is strictley followed etc.
    I am almost halfway through the run and will update photos after this week again as I can see again there is positive changes.
    I will be runnning:
    Beta Alalnine
    BCAA + Extra Leucine
    Drive and RPM early next year!

  12. Don't forget lifting weights will raise either ALT or AST (can't remember which one)

  13. my next stack is

    Pro anabol
    Superdrol NG

    i was curious about it ive had a bottle here for awhile Deployed blogging


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