preworkout energy drinks crash

  1. preworkout energy drinks crash

    I have a question. Regular preworkout drinks (Superpump, Noxplode, WTF, etc) make me crash really bad afterwards, however if i drink an energy drink such as Rockstar i don't get that crash at all. Why is that? Could it be all that l-arginine or somthing else they put in them? Cause spending $3 each day on an energy drink is getting a little expensive and i would like to find a preworkout drink that doesn't make me crash like that.

  2. pretty much anything with caffeine, escpecially as much as NO-xplode, is going to make u crash. my advice would be buy you some RPM...i've never experienced a crash from it even though it dooooes contain some caffeine.

    if u just want to use the preworkout power u have, then just take smaller doses and try taking it twice a day...just see how that treats u and go from there

  3. i think a lot of it is mental. i have my own feelings about formulas such as no xplode and superpump where in every scoop you're getting exactly how much they say you are getting. i think a lot of people get hopped up on the mental side of everything, a placebo energy rush occurs, adrenaline is going, and then half way through the workout the effects diminish and you fall out of "the zone". i personally get little out of powders anymore anyway...i like to take a capsule form of energy such as AMP by ergopharm. That way i can adjust the caffeine serving for the day and how i feel and i know how much i am actually getting.

  4. Hmmmm.... I'm wondering if something like "horse power" would be good for you. It's caffeine free. But then there is plenty of caffeine in Monster. I don't know about argenine causing you to crash, although it can make you feel woosy if you get to much of it.

    You should try RPM if you get a chance. You get a great workout and it helps you grow and lean out. Good Stuff. Goooood stuff.


  5. haha, I was typing to respond to this post and I was called to do something,

    Caffeine's "crash" is when you come off from that all time energetic feeling. It's a stimulant so it causes increase in heart rate and blood pressure and alertness. Now comparing it to alcohol is insane but the idea of it works well. Alcohol gives you that all time buzz. You can feel the difference when your on and when your off, When you come off it you will also know, and the effects start to diminish. I highly doubt that the "crash" is mental. I remember reading about why we crash on caffeine but im a little preoccupied to look for the article. Point is we crash and there is no mentality of just not being "in the zone"

    I would say every caffiene product produces a crash to some degree. While one shuts you off quickly (possibly resulting in crash) while others wane in effect until the effect is possibly completely gone. Thats how I could best explain it in my words.

    I too have experienced the crashes on N.O explode. I used to have to hit the gym and then go work as a tutor. I was exhausted at work and felt extremely sluggish. I dont see how that would relate to falling out of the zone when im not even working out.

    I would say that after awhile caffeine products become overrated. Your body builds a quick tolerance to them and you need a higher and higher dosage to feel the effects each time. I would suggest getting off caffeine products if you've been on them for some time. For me, caffeine products give me that slight mental boost, but in respects to how I feel when I take it, I honestly don't feel it anymore unless it's of very high dosages of caffeine. At that rate, it's not a good clean energy feeling anymore. It's more like im sick with a gigantic headache and I just want to pass out from dehydration. Anyway, jumping off caffeine based products might be wise. If you want a caffeine product though, I would say White Flood with Bulk Citrulline Malate. For non stimulated supplements, incarnate, bulk CM, and some creatine will do just fine.



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