Make my next stack!!!!

  1. Make my next stack!!!!

    So I was sitting here thinking about all the different supps I could have during my CKD and then it hit me.....see what everyone would use and see some stacks ppl recommend. My stats are 6' 300 and at 20% bf, my long term goals are to get down around 240 and about 10%. I plan on hitting a CKD for about 12 weeks bridged into a tkd for another 12-16. Any stacks will do I just want to see what ppl use for keto diets.

  2. . I'm real interested in what responses you'll get as I have a CKD comming up in about 8 weeks with the same outline as you, switching into TKD. For me I was thinking of getting....
    USPLabs Powerfull or bulk 1-Carboxy
    Some type of Stim based Product (leviathan)
    Pre-Workout cocktail
    Maybe some Glycer-Grow or Glycerol Mono Stearate to add the the pre-workout cocktail

    Then my stples
    Creatine Mono

    Hope this helps a little

  3. the one and only bump........

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