Can Fizz-Fuel Expire???

  1. Can Fizz-Fuel Expire???

    I picked up a box of fizz fuel from the "super sale" bin at vitamin warehouse here in vegas, for $5. I have done this before and had no problem...however when i mix this particular pack in water it just doesnt fizz that much. or as much as normal.

    anyone know if whatever makes effevescent creatine bubble can expire? it still tastes fine btw.

    i also cant find any dates or anything on the box indicating that it would expire, just a lot #.


  2. 1. Check for an expiration date, sometimes they are written in small print so look carefully
    2. Call the company and give them the lot #
    3. Every thing will expire, some things just take longer to expire.

  3. 10-4

    thanks you sir.
  4. Re: 10-4

    Originally posted by lvtrojan
    thanks you sir.
    No problem bro. But don't call anyone sir LOL, just made me feel old bro

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