Bulk Stinging Nettle dose

  1. Bulk Stinging Nettle dose

    I was looking to stack Bulk nettle with X-factor and i picked up some alpha drive and old fashioned ZMA. I was going to run 3 GED (based on rough estimates using ActivaTe as a guide). I was just wondering what others had dosed the product at or what they felt would been a better dose.

    Any help/suggestions would be of great help!

  2. MCSteneof2H2H: this is the thundergod here!!! I dose nettle root powder at 2 grams a day in 4 divided doses at 500 mg. each time. Spread dose every 5 hours upon waking and enjoy. You read alot about bulk root not working like activaTe, but I really like the root powder alot. Hope this helps you on your journey.

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