Big sale 35% off buy b12 here

  1. Big sale 35% off buy b12 here

    Hi everyone My ex girlfriend is back and got her head on straight .......this has made me a happy camper .So I decided to have a sale and share the good energy that I have in my life .

    SO I'm marking our famous Injectable b12 down from $30.00 a vial to a cheep .........$20.00 a vial

    Product: Human grade injectable B12 Cyanocobalamin USP 27
    1 vial contains 30ml of B12 1000mcg/ml ( not a home brew)
    Price: $20.00 + $10.00 S/H

    Minimum order: N.A.

    Click the secure link below to buy now IN THE USA with a credit card . Thanks for your business:

    sorry sale over
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  2. If you get two vials is it still 10.00 shipping?

  3. yes .............shipping chard is $10 till you reach $100-$199 then add $5. $200 and up add $5 .......$20 is shipping max

    stock up

  4. Your welcome to post your sale but not in three places bro. One thread is plenty. Thanks. Just keep bumping this one. If you want I will move this to the supplement section. PM me and let me know.

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