OMG-Ultra Peptide PB Choclate with a bannana

  1. OMG-Ultra Peptide PB Choclate with a bannana

    Wow, throw a serving of this in a blender with some skim milk, ice cubes and a medium size bannana and u have the best protein shake known to man!

  2. The Banana cream UP with a scoop of strawberry whey supremacy and awesome too.

  3. Chocolate PB 2.0 w/ Banana

    OR- One scoop Chocolate PB with one scoop Banana Cream.

    If you take one scoop Chocolate PB with one Chocolate 1.0, you get a very similar taste without wrecking your diet.

  4. 1 Scoop UP 2.0 PB + 1 Scoop Chocolate UP 1.0 + Banana. Now THAT is heaven.
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  5. My bad, one real bananna and one scoop of pb 2.0



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