Poll: Jungle Warfare, Epistane or other for 6-8 week cycle

Projected Muscle / Strength "DRIVING" Stack

  1. Projected Muscle / Strength "DRIVING" Stack

    I have just settled in Colorado after a long move from Alaska, and am finally got my nutrition and workout scheme back in check. After 1 month of hardly no time in the gym, and 2 months post 8 week JW / PFull / RPM / Super Cissus / PW stack, I am ready for another round. Since the move I have lost about 12lbs of muscle mass and significant strength decrease. I had amazing results with my last JW stack.

    - Weight went up from 158 to 170
    - Strength gains were rediculous, for example bench up from 280 to 320, squats 355 to 435, and deads up from 315 to 405.
    - Mood and aggression were great and tolerable.

    Now I am ready to start from scratch.

    I have a dilema now.
    Epistane or another run with JW

    I was thinking of a 8 week stack of:

    JW or Epi
    PowerFULL or IGF-2
    Super Cissus RX

    with constants of PW / Gainer / Whey / Casein / Omega 3s / and Triad of course.

    Any critiques or sugestions are much appreciated.

    I am 24
    67" (meso)
    158 (this a.m.)
    and have been training hard for the past 3 years.

    I have never ran a PH related stack before, but am stoked to give Epi a go, cause all I hear a good things.

    I have everything listed above in my cart ready to checkout, but need a little input before I finalize it.

  2. something that would help me make the decision would be post cycle therapy there is no post cycle therapy with jw but epi requires it. even if you pulse, I would still have a serm handy, take the availability and extra cost into account

  3. if you lost that much muscle that fast you should be able to make good gains with proper diet/exercise...save the supplements for when you have made good gains but hit a plateu

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