So I assume V12, being a creatine product is not good for cutting?

  1. So I assume V12, being a creatine product is not good for cutting?


    I have a photoshoot coming up, need to look lean, but pumped of course.

    V12 or not? its a creatine product so it causes water retention right? I should stay away?



  2. From what I have heard it does not cause you to get puffy or bloated like regular creatine mono. I'm not sure I would be messing around with a photoshoot coming up though.

  3. thanks. anybody else used V12 for this purpose?

  4. I d keep away from anything new if youve got a shoot coming up, Just sodium load carbo load and water deplete and if youve done it before maybe try a dierheutic but ONLY if you know what your doing cause they can leave you kind a flat looking. Swoles got a great article on pre contest in 8 days over on his website.

  5. Magg, thanks for the advice. could u point me towards swoles website?

    That would be much appreciated!


  6. nevermind, found it!


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