when is the members store going to re-open

  1. when is the members store going to re-open

    when is the members store going to re-open
    That's all Sintar

  2. Click the link...

    "We will be closed until 7-20-2003 "

  3. duh, today is the 21st, I need to go shopping

  4. *EDIT*

    I don't understand what respect is and spout my mouth off without having a clue about anything.

    Don't like the board? Leave... No wait, allow me to do it for you.

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass...


  5. My bad.

  6. Originally posted by pitbull
    Everyone on this site talks how great their store is. Its not even open when they it will be. Thats good for business.
    Try www.pittbullsinheat.com
    **** off pitbull.

    You have no idea what this board is about and obviously don't share the same values as the rest of us.

    Gentlemen, the store will not be re-opening.  I have been called to military service and will be on active for 3-6 months.  Hope everyone learned how to homebrew...


  7. Chemo be safe in your endevours my friend....

  8. Wow Chemo. My best wishes and prayers for a safe and productive voyage bro!

  9. good luck and be safe Chemo!!

  10. Be safe Chemo, I hope I can get the T-gel from powernutrition. I just found out about it the other day.


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