Pre-workout Supp/Drinks

  1. Pre-workout Supp/Drinks

    What all do you take pre-workout--supps, drinks, ect?

    I take no explode, with ALCAR, a little extra creatine, and two RPMS a half hour before workout. Too much? Seems to work pretty good-I could cut the No-Explode and add two more RPM's but I like some of the other ingredients in No-Explode. I workout first thing in the morning, and I am looking at adding Drive. Woulds this be too much?

    After workout Creatine.

  2. Looks like you got it covered. Maybe add some BCAA's for anti-catabilsm and recovery?

  3. Drop the NOXplode, not worth it. It is prolly hurting you more than helping, its alot of stims also so BCAAs would be a good idea.

    I recall NO products artical about negative results. I tried dropping them but can't i use shock therapy now and like it cause it doesnt get me all cracked out, more focus and drive.
    When i go "on" tho i plan on using nothing pre cause heart rate and want to know if i feel any different.

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