R4W Feedback Please and Thank you!!

  1. R4W Feedback Please and Thank you!!

    So Im looking to cycle RPM and Drive, during my time off of those 2 products i'd like to incorporate some other type of testosterone supportive energy supplement, and R4W looks like it may be the one. Also I like the Idea that R4W has pregnenolone added to it, which i'm thinking may be helpful with adrenal fatigue?

    Anyhow I'm coming up with nothing when I do a search for R4W.....so any feedback would be great!!

    BTW, I wish I didn't have to come off RPM and Drive....by far the 2 best non steroid products i've ever taken!!!!!

  2. bump......Wow, I really thought R4W would get a little more attention than this.....

  3. honestly ive never hear of it,lol. and u really dont need to take a break from RPM/Drive unless u build up a tollerance for the RPM. How long have u been taking/plan on taking RPM/Drive?

  4. R4W was added in october on Nutraplanet. Most of the people here do shopping here on nutraplanet so there may not be that many reviews. Besides, like Drive, It just came out recently. I doubt most people here have tried/finished a bottle of drive yet. Give it some time. Im sure someone will have some sort of feeback.

  5. Thanks guys, I didn't realize R4W was so new, for some reason I thought it had been around for awhile.

    About cycling Drive and RPM, I really just thought that maybe you'de build a tolerance to Icariin, but if not, problem solved!!
    Just won't come off....

  6. The powder is AWESOME. Never tried the caps.
    NSCA-CSCS and CPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy

  7. r4w isn't new, this is maybe the 6th version of it its just new here. it is a new version though

  8. I bought it for a buddy who was dragging ass in the gym.
    He loved it and said he felt like a monster in the weight room.


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