Need a Bio-Chemist's help

  1. Need a Bio-Chemist's help

    I'm looking for an expert opinion.

    I'm looking at TribOXO by PVL. I'm wondering if the anti estrogen in it's compound in it is effective or comprable to other ones on the market.

    Anti-Aromatase-X450-6 300mg/serving

    Any info would be helpful. Thanks

    DB 2000

  2. Check out this link. The compound you've listed is a bioflavanoid. It has antioxidant properties, and I can't conclude that it would have any anabolic or anti-estrogenic properties from what I read in that link. However, it seems as though there are some other ingredients in Triboxo that aren't listed perhaps? I don't know, this product seems kinda suspect from what I read in the product list. I'd stick with something that has a little more evidence behind it's efficacy.~LilPsych

  3. Thanks Bill,

    Yeah there are other ingredients in TribOXO, including a good quality tribulus, but it's the so called AI I'm interested in knowing about. PVL is a bit of clone company so I'm always a little cautious with their products.

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