single most effective mass-building pro-hormone to date?

  1. single most effective mass-building pro-hormone to date?

    So what is it fellas? What would you say would simply be the most effective mass-building prohormone out these talking about straight mas no lean gain bull****.

  2. these are the worst threads in the entire world

    asking a bunch of folks to get thier opinion then get 10 different answers

    my opinion of the best may not be the next guys

    why do people ask these questions Deployed blogging

  3. I agree with the previous poster. Asking this is just like asking "how much muscle can I gain in a month". Although these questions are asked in a honest sense... you can't honestly answer them.

    Everyone is different - some products respond great for some, and so absolutely nothing for others. I don't want to say that you should go on a spree of trial and errors of pro-hormones, but it just is very hard to say.

    Research research research! This site is the best for logs, so find one where the user matches your training/diet for a *potential* match. Never guarantees in the supplement business though.

  4. If you are interested in reading a bunch of different opinions, this thread has quite a few posts on the topic of best pro-hormones for Mass/Size:

    Best Prohormone for Just Straight Massive Size???

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