( Serotonin VS. Dopamine )

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    serotonin and dopamine are two major neurotransmitters that have an effect on our mental and physical health...

    Can supplements that increase serotonin be taken at the same time as supplements that increase dopamine?

    do they counterbalance eachother? should they be taken at different times of the day, or not together at all?

    thanks !

  2. I hope you get an answer for this. I was actually wondering this earlier today. If I'm not mistaken, supplements like 5 HTP which increase seratonin, decrease dopamine. I'd like to know if taking tyrosine in conjuction is a good idea.

  3. someone posted on my other thread that you can take them together at different times of the day.
    In fact im using 5htp and i started with tyrosine today to make sure my dopamine levels are good.

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