**Athletic Edge Nutrition - 8 Testers for IntrAbolic!!

  1. **Athletic Edge Nutrition - 8 Testers for IntrAbolic!!

    Here's the link everyone,and...

    Good luck!!

    Any additional questions feel free to PM Skircus, Redhawk, or myself.


  2. Here's some more information, for those of you who don't know.


    The Pioneer of Intra-Workout Supplementation

    Stimulate the Anabolic Response DURING Exercise, Increase Strength & Endurance!

    What is the point of investing your hard earned money on supplements that claim to be the latest and greatest phenomenon when they are NOT going to help you DURING your workouts?

    Bodybuilding is about Body--Building. During workouts, muscles are torn down and fatigue can be a tremendous challenge. By providing your muscles with effective nutrients DURING your workout, you will boost the anabolic response, fight the catabolic effects of exercise and delay muscular fatigue, ultimately leading to NEW muscle gains!

    Continuing to evolve with the latest advancements in Nutrient Timing Science, we bring you IntrAbolic:
    Intra=(DURING)+Anabolic(Muscle Building)= IntrAbolic,The Pioneer of Intra-Workout Supplementation!

    IntrAbolic Highlights:

    • 1. Stimulate Muscle Growth
    • 2. Fight Muscle Breakdown
    • 3. Boost Explosive Muscular Strength & Increase Endurance
    • 4. Increase Muscle Fullness and Vascularity
    • 5. IntrAbolic-Peptides provide rapidly absorbed, low-molecular weight di- and tripeptides
    • 6. Blends easily with spoon or in water bottle

    What makes IntrAbolic so unique and effective?

    Custom Whey Protein Hydrolysate = IntrAbolic-Peptides?

    IntrAbolic works by utilizing a unique whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) found exclusively in IntrAbolic. Our custom WPH has undergone a high degree of hydrolysis (over 30%) which supplies primarily low-molecular weight, di-and tripeptides we refer to as IntrAbolic-Peptides. Unlike standard intact proteins and long chain peptides, IntrAbolic-Peptides do not have to undergo the typical slow digestive process. Their unique properties also allow them to utilize a highly efficient transport system, specific to di-and tripeptides. Unlike regular amino acids derived from intact proteins which are slow to enter the bloodstream, IntrAbolic-Peptides are rapidly absorbed, causing a tremendous spike in extracellular amino acids. Research has shown, it is extracellular amino acid concentrations that stimulate and signal our bodies to increase protein synthesis and maximize the anabolic response. Concurrently, this large amino acid spike causes an insulin increase to fight muscle breakdown which occurs during training. Rapid and efficient absorption also makes these peptides ideal for use during your workout as they will not cause bloating or stomach discomfort like other intact proteins.

    Free-form amino acids

    Another highly efficient and rapid way to get amino acids into the blood (second only to WPH) is through ingestion of free-form amino acids (ffAA's), specifically the essential amino acids in free form. Intensive nutrient timing research studies show ffAA's (due to their quick absorption) can cause a big spike in blood plasma amino acid concentrations and when timed properly with exercise, may illicit a much greater anabolic response from exercise than intact proteins can. Combining WPH with ffAA's creates a powerful one-two punch in boosting anabolism and fighting catabolism. The beauty of combining di-and tripeptides from WHP with ffAA's is both use different intestinal transporters to carry them into the blood, maximizing absorption speed with very little redundancy. Current research shows that di- and tripeptides may actually enhance the ffAA's transporters, further increasing the rate of absorption.


    This powerhouse amino acid has been shown in research to both directly stimulate protein synthesis and indirectly by increasing the hormone insulin, which is both anabolic and anti-catabolic. Simply put, this is one of the most effective amino acids you can take intra-workout and further enhances the anabolic response when other essential amino acids are present.

    Beta-Alanine, Carnosine Booster

    Touted as the biggest scientific breakthrough since creatine, the amino acid beta-alanine has exploded into the sports nutrition industry, as more people find out just how effective this supplement really is. This worldwide explosion can largely be credited to the enormous popularity of our formula, IntraXCell, The World's First DEDICATED carnosine booster. When taken at a minimum dose of 3.2g per day, its cumulative effects when taken daily for 1-2 weeks, can impact your workout performance greatly.

    Much of beta-alanine's effects are realized by boosting the synthesis of a intracellular (inside the cell) buffer called carnosine. Carnosine is a dipeptide, composed of the amino acids, beta-alanine and histidine and has the ability to stabilize muscular pH by soaking up fatigue causing hydrogen ions(H+).

    It has been dosed perfectly to stack with IntraXCell to maximize the speed of carnosine synthesis and bring about BIG GAINS in strength, muscle and endurance.. FAST!


    The importance of replacing the electrolytes: sodium, potassium and chloride should not be overlooked since, during exercise, we are losing electrolytes at an accelerated rate. Just as important, is their ability to assist in the absorption of fluid and carbohydrate uptake in the gut. The minerals calcium and magnesium are included as they are needed for muscular contraction and muscular growth. When magnesium levels are low during exercise, research has shown fatigue increases.

    For further information, or any questions check out our FAQ:

    IntrAbolic !!!

    And yes, it is safe to assume Sebastian will be creating another one of his legendary FAQ's

  3. Let's keep the applications comin fellas.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by DaveGabe24 View Post
    Here's the link everyone,and...

    Good luck!!

    Any additional questions feel free to PM Skircus, Redhawk, or myself.
    My first ever application...

    Applied at the wrong place.

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  6. Get your app's in while you can guys!!


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